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Matt Bridges 20/07/10

The Foundation course has been excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. The instruction, mixes of theory, demonstrations, discussions and practical work, has been well balanced and I am now going to continue my studies.

Leigh Cane 30/03/10

Extremely useful and informative course, expertly taught.

Petra Zahnhausen 30/03/10

The Foundation course was very useful and will be very helpful for recordings I intend to do. I am very interested in attending another course at a later date.

Alessandro Salis 31/05/06:
I've really enjoyed the course and I've understood the basics that I've been taught.

Vincent J. Fiedorowicz 03/08/06:
Very good overview and well-paced/structured.

Tanya Siraj 03/08/06:
It was very useful/informative for me to get an insight into working in a music studio.

Richard Sherry 17/01/04:
Verry happy with course - a great introduction.

Danielle Clarke 17/01/04:
Very good.

Lee Lording 17/01/04:
I found the course informative and easy going and I am keen to go onto other courses.

Philip Kirkpatick 17/01/04:
Great course - thoroughly enjoyed it!

Peter Bolger 18/01/04:
Very enjoyable and informative course. I would recommend it to anyone as a gounding course.

Rob Hodgkin 18/01/04:
The course was excellent. Thorough coverage of all topics in a useful way. Thank you Phil!

Charlie Goodwin 08/11/03:
The workshop helped me very much. It was interesting. I would like to come back again soon.

Gay McCarron 09/11/03:
Had fun!

Yvonne Keteku 05/11/03:
Very good. Developed a basic understanding of audio engineering as stipulated. Evening availability enabled me to be able to do the course. The right length of course also.

Jan De Lange 14/09/03:
It's a great course. There's a great deal of detail to it all. Will help me for future prospects.

Shane Hopkins 14/09/03:
Teacher was very helpful and always had a way of explaining things so I understood.

Leon Seccombe 13/09/03:
Very informative. Given me lot of ideas for my studio.

Warren King 16/07/03:
I found the course very useful and interesting and gave me sound skills for working a recording studio.

M. Risman 12/07/03:
An excellent introduction to this new field. We very much enjoyed the course. Philip was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.....

Dee Weekes 12/07/03:
It has been a great introduction for me. I feel a lot more confident and looking forward to putting it into practice.


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