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Live Sound Engineering

It was the Grateful Dead who introduced the positioning of the live sound engineering mixing desk in the audience in around 1966. Beforehand the desk was meant to be out of sight. No one had considered that the engineer needed to hear the music from the front of the stage in order to get a good balance.

Audio Engineering

Before the Beatles most Audio Engineers used to wear white lab coats & artists were not allowed to be present during the mastering of their records. This is one of the reasons the Beatles set up their Apple record company, so that they could have more control over their work.



Working in the recording industry can be very rewarding but hard to get!

The industry tends not to take 'qualifications' very seriously. Studios are more interested in what you have done. Skills are very important but so is experience and who you know!

The Recording Workshop can help you get the experience you need but to be eligible for a placement you would need to have done ALL the courses and get an assessment from us to show that you are ready. If successful you would then be referred to a recording studio for work experience.

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Music Production software

One of the 1st pieces of music production software was a Commodore 64 program called Pro16 in around 1987. In those days the 5.25" floppy disc was the latest thing in data storage. This later became developed in 1989 into the program that we now know as Cubase.

Sound Engineering Sound Engineering programs.

Damon Albarn from Blur & The Gorrilaz used to be a neighbour of TRW. He had  many Korg synthesisers that were part of the same range as our MS20. There was a plan to link them up together to create a monster synth set up. Unfortunatlely he moved before we had a chance to try it.